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Welcome to the Crack Impala.
Your source for good stuff in Supernatural Fandom!

Wondering what this is all about?

crack_impala is a group of people--readers, writers, and artists--from the Supernatural fandom. Our mission is simple: to read as much as we can, and deliver the good stuff to your friendslist! All our Impalaettes read and rec in multiple categories; the editors collate the recs for each day and post them up. Note: the editor who posts the edition is not the person who recced all the fic therein contained.

Our focus is on works posted in the last few weeks. If we missed something we think you must read, we'll stretch back a month. You'll very rarely see anything more than six weeks old in the regular digests. Works more than two months old may be featured in the Saturday Blast from the Past edition!

We all do our best to read everything that comes our way, be it a well-known or a new author. Any Impalaette will tell you how many wonderful new authors they've thoroughly enjoyed that they found in the course of reading for an edition. Several of our Impalaettes are writers as well as readers, and they, like everyone else, can be recced or not. crack_impala volunteers are under no obligation to rec each other. We require any fics written/betaed/prompted/gifted to Impalaettes to be checked and seconded by another Impalaette before they're included to ensure there is no bias.

crack_impala is not a comprehensive newsletter-style community. Rather, our digests are a selection of good stuff we've found and enjoyed ourselves. We are aware of the potential of such a community to create resentment in people who are not recced, but the point of crack_impala is not to make people feel bad, but to share stories we loved so that as many people as possible can enjoy them! We hope you will take the community in that spirit as well. If you have a query about our policies, you can direct it to crackimpalaATgmailDOTcom.

Curious about the name? We were "inspired" by crack_van, the multifandom recs community.

Spoilerphobic? Here's what you need to know.

What are the themes?

Each day, an editor will post a rec digest on a specific theme Currently the daily themes are as follows:

What do I do?

If you want the good stuff delivered to your friendslist every day, simply friend the community! We have closed membership, so don't apply to join the community. If you're joining our happy band, then we'll send you an invite.

Interested in helping out? See this post for a quick run down and info for potential volunteers.

Who is helping out right now?

The more-or-less mods of this operation are locknkey, halfshellvenus and rejeneration. If you have any comments or queries about the community, they can be reached at crackimpalaATgmailDOTcom.

Our wonderful Impalaettes are ash_carpenter, boom_queen, country_bee, ebcdic, elanurel (In Memorium), faunaana, fayedoll, gretazreta, halfshellvenus, locknkey, mishaphappens, ou_peachus, rejeneration rivkat, runedgirl, sgmajorshipper. They rec, they code, they hustle pool, and we love 'em to bits.

The layout and all the graphics for it were made for us by the amazing lightthesparks, the code of which is taken from scholarslayouts. The stunning crack_impala icons are by lightthesparks, somersaulter and padabee.