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The big old Intro and Volunteering Post

What's this all about?
Well, we're working on bringing you daily themed recs in the Supernatural fandom. Basically we're here to make sure you can see as many fandom creations as possible.

What are the themes?
Each day of the week has been allocated a theme, and on that day each week you'll get recs for the good stuff in that category. At present our themes are:

  • Gen.

  • Het and Other Slash.

  • Sam/Dean ratings G to R.

  • Sam/Dean Porn (hard-R to NC-17)

  • Blast from the Past - or revisiting some old favourites, and hopefully some new ones too!

  • Real Person Fiction.

  • Vids/Art/Misc.

What can I do?
Finding our recs is a group effort to ensure the best variety and quality that we can, and we are always looking for new volunteers to join our rec team. The wider a reader/watcher you are, obviously the better, but we only ask for a reasonably small minimum commitment each week. If you're also in the habit of finding creations that don't get enough recofnition, then we definitely want to hear from you.

ETA (1/26/2014) Right at the moment we need reccers (in all categories) and coders.

How do I apply?
If you have any questions or concerns before deciding to apply, then please feel free to contact us at any time either to this post or by email.

If you want to apply then drop us an email at loolookittydee @ (mod locknkey), and include the following information:

Your name and livejournal username:
Are you over 18?:
What sections you currently read and can rec in:

We'd also like to see 3-4 sample recs. In lieu of sample recs link us to any recs you've made at other communities or on your own journal.

Comment on the fic, what you like about it, what makes it worthy of reccing, etc.:

Keep in mind, rec comments should be enticements to read. What about the story stood out and made it memorable. Pretend you are trying to convince a reluctant friend to try the story out: Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? Was Dean the bold hero and was Sam a smooth talker? Was it both hot and tender or maybe hot and funny? Was the writing sparse or maybe lyrical?
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