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Thursday - Het and Other Slash

Lies are all We have
blaithacs - Dean/OFC - R
Summary: The first time he tries to hit on her, she kicks him in the crotch.
Short and sweet. The OFC is just so endearing of sorts, all rough and tumble like Dean, but knows nothing can come out of the relationship.

buffyspazz - Dean/OFC - NC-17
Summary: It was still daylight when they reached Bobby's house. In the familiar guest room, Dean unpacked his bag and lay sleepless until Bobby called him for dinner. He didn't look at the empty bed beside him.
If you're not a Het reader, do not let the pairing stop you from reading this fic. The fic is first and foremost about Dean and how he deals with his pain. Very real, angsty, and oh so good.

Of Sex and Whiskey
jamiesspawn - Dean/Jo - NC-17
Summary: He had come to the Roadhouse after finding her apartment empty. One call to Ash and he knew exactly where to find her.
The sex was hot and moved along with sequential and comfortable smoothness, but I really wasn't expecting that nice sweet little twist at the end of it when someone walks in on them.

lie with me a while
medie - Sam/OFC - PG
Summary: She feels the ghosts hiding in the scars that decorate his skin and wills them to leave Sam alone, if only for tonight.
I really like the emotions written into this; Sam exhausted and the girl just gently by his side, supporting him and protecting him the only way she knows how, never pressurizing him.

surprise!: an adolescent interlude
femmenerd - Sam/OFC - R
A cute and hot look at how Sammy was as a teenage, already being a gentleman and giving women everything they want. Heh.


Tenth Nocturne (The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Remix)
jimnpam - Sam/Dean, Dean/Charles Gunn, Jess - ANGEL crossover - NC-17 - AU, Violence
Part of remix_redux, this just blew me away. It's in an amazingly done Noir tone, and it strokes the heart strings and is just generally perfect. I love this Jess, she's sassy and cute, and I love the way she complements the whole story. If you only read one remix fic this year, make sure it's this one.

DeadEx: We Get Your Soul There So You Don't Have To
zannes  - John Winchester, Denny Duquette - GREY'S ANATOMY crossover - PG
Summary: John and Denny meet up in the afterlife. John wins 'cause he's a bad-ass (who may be morally challenged - what? I still love the man).
Hilarious. Nice characterization of the two men, and the imagery is just, well, hilarious. The author representation of afterlife is rather interesting and it adds on to the silly fun mood of the piece.

Tags: het and other slash
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