Wednesday: Dean/Castiel

A Batch Made in Heaven
[AO3 account] Watching_The_Bees | Teen| Sam/Jess side pairing, bakery AU
When the rich Castiel Novak buys half of Dean’s bakery, he knows things aren’t going to work out. Castiel comes in with a plan to change nearly everything that makes A Batch Made in Heaven Dean’s, and while Dean resists at first, he soon realizes that maybe Castiel isn’t everything he’s taken him to be.
It's always intriguing how authors deal with the power differential between these two in all-human AUs. As is often the case, this time it's money, and watching Cas figure out how to wield that power without being an ass is half the fun of this fic.
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tuesday: real person fiction

Please for the Love of God Can We Pretend I Never Said Anything About Your Abs
[AO3 account] GlassClosetCastiel (RileyBrennan) | Rating: Teen | Gen. French Mistake!verse, featuring Osric & Kevin
CelloItsABass [9:35 p.m.]: um
CelloItsABass [9:35 p.m.]: What does spn stand for

RedStringofFate [9:35 p.m.]: Supernatural

CelloItsABass [9:39 p.m.]: FUCKING
CelloItsABass [9:39 p.m.]: SHIT

RedStringofFate [9:39 p.m.]: whoa, what’s wrong?

CelloItsABass [9:40 p.m.]: So fucking much
CelloItsABass [9:41 p.m.]: Look, can I call you or meet you in person or something to talk about this?
CelloItsABass [9:41 p.m.]: And please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD can we pretend I never said anything about your abs, jesus christ I need bleach for my brain
An absolutely hilarious take on Osric and Kevin meeting, based on a comment Osric made at NJCon2015.
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Thursday - Het and Other Slash

You Best Believe I'm Yours
wincechesters | PG-13 | Siobhan/Kristen, mentions of Dean/Cas, Spoilers through 10x05
Kristen's mom would probably kill her for wasting energy on something like the school musical when she should be working on bringing her grades up and applying for colleges, but she just had to audition when she found out they were performing Supernatural for the musical this year. When she gets the part of Castiel, a character she identifies with more strongly than any other, she's never been happier—until she discovers that the actor playing Dean Winchester is none other than Siobhan, the girl she’s had a crush on for two years.
We saw these two together in canon but only glimpses. This fic explores how they got together in the first place. Part of the spnfemminibang.

holyhael | PG-13 | Claire Novak/Hael, part of the spnfemminibang
She doesn’t hear the woman’s footsteps, but the next thing Hael knows, the curtain is pulled back by a tall woman in patterned scrubs. Her eyes - burning, familiar - transfix Hael, and she knows.
“You’re not a nurse,” Hael says.
The woman sort of smirks. “And you’re not a human. Not really.”
An interesting alternate take on what has become of Claire since S4 and how both she and Hael find the beginnings of healing together.

CI Sam/Dean

sunday - sam/dean

In a Fix
afattribble | NC-17| This fic is rated NC-17 for explicit sexual content and moderate violence that I consider on par with the show.
Dean Smith is a 'fixer' for hire. He has kept his real name a secret from the hunter community for years in order to protect a younger brother that doesn't even know he exists. Unfortunately, that lasts until he's blackmailed into taking a job with the Moore family, who give him a week in their estate to break up their daughter's engagement to some no-name law student.
It was impossible to stop reading this. A fabulous AU Sam and Dean reunion fic. Great writing and excellent characterizations.

sunday - sam/dean

Sex Tape
ash_carpenter | NC17| Sam/Dean
Summary. Sam and Dean make a sex tape! They're not as good at it as Dean seems to think.
The anti-kink series is a fandom classic, and this installment has the same delicious mix of hysterically funny and ridiculously hot that only Sam and Dean could pull off.

The Princess and the Memory Foam
blackrabbit42 | R| Sam/Dean
Summary. She has one job... to give Dean a good night's sleep. But when she learns that the sweet embrace of her memory foam isn't enough, the Mattress has a few other tricks up her sleeve.
The author manages to create a memorable character out of a mattress, who then provides a unique and heartwarming perspective on her owners, Sam and Dean.

Sun in My Mouth
cydsa | NC-17 | Warnings: Language, sibling incest, demons, angels, magic, sexual situations, Bottom!Dean
Summary: Three years after Sam loses his brother to Hell, he discovers that Dean has been sent topside. Sam has made some compromises to find Dean. Just how far he’s gone, just how much he’s done, well, Dean is probably going to be pissed. Once Sam gets Dean back, he isn’t planning on losing him again. No matter what he has to do. Never again.
A beautiful representation of the boys' relationship and an amazing and original alternative resolution to the Mark of Cain problem. A really great read.
Crack Impala

Friday- Art, Vids, Misc. Big Bang Edition

Art for Mind, Body, Soul
sammycolt24 | R | warnings for chair!sex with some naughty bits showing
Line drawing illustration for a/b/o fic. Jared/Jensen
These line drawings are so sensual, it seems like you could reach out and slide your hand under the curve of Jared's back, or trace your fingers down his upturned throat.

Art for Life Is....
paperbackwriter | G |
Line drawing illustration and animated banner for Jensen/Jared/Misha.
The artist conveyed so much feeling into the objects she chose to illustrate, and the animation will knock your heart for a loop. Also.. Hand. Drawn. Text.

Art for Astantine
necrora | PG | boy kissing and nude (?) aliens.
Digital art, Sci-fi
The art itself is beautiful, but I love, love love the alien design sheets.

Art for The Song of the Ravens
amberdreams | PG | boy kissing
Digital pencil sketches for destiel story. Celtic themes.
This is the kind of artist every author hopes for. Not only is her work imaginative and stunning, but there's so much of it!

Art for Between Darkness and Light
chomaisky | G | Dark themes
Digital drawing for sam/dean horror story based on The Crow .
It's amazing how many shivers this artist produced with so few colors. You look at this art and you have no doubt what the story will be like in mood and tone.

Art for The Debts You'll Never Pay
dun | G | Anatomically correct depiction of human heart
Traditional drawing and digitally colored illustrations for castiel/claire story.
Even if this pairing is not your cup of tea, please check out the art. The drawings are imaginative and powerful, just an incredible amount of talent here. This is the second big bang entry by this artist, please take a moment to scroll through her journal and see the first as well. Both are just amazing!

Art for Deja Vu
riverofwind | G | Flashing image
Digital drawing and animated gif for sci-fi story loosely based on Total Recall.
I love the polished animation style of this artist. The gif is fantastic... if you look at it, you can see that the changes from one frame to the next are actually quite minimal, but the coloring and tone are in stark contrast. Also- Sam with a gatling gun and thigh holster? Who can resist?

Compiler's note- my apologies to all these lovely artists... your art is so amazing, and I lacked the words tonight to adequately describe your works in my summaries. To everyone else- please just click and see for yourselves. The talent in this fandom is staggering.
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Tuesday: Real Person Fiction

Within You
[AO3 account] etoile_etiolee | NC-17 | Sexuals situations, mpreg, graphic birth.
Summary: For as long as he can remember, Jensen had wanted kids. Being raised in foster homes, he's always felt some sort of emptiness inside of him, that only a child of his own could fill. Now he's happily married to Jared and soon enough, he finds himself pregnant. It's a dream come true, until an aneurism rupture puts him into a coma. Jared needs to face the fact that he might be raising their child alone after all, as the months go by and Jensen's due date comes irremediably closer.
Reccer's notes: J2 AU written in first person, which works really well for this story. It is sweet and funny, intense and emotional, and it felt very true.

sunday - sam/dean

Playing House
dimeloria | NC17| Sam/Dean
Summary. To Sam, this is the kinkiest thing they have ever done. Hands down.
This is a beautiful, emotional story that plays out in real time, as Sam tries to fulfill Dean’s desire for something that would be kinky only to the Winchester’s.

New Toy
selecasharp | NC-17 | Straight-up porn, nipple play
Summary: Sam and Dean are still learning each other.
I'm more interested in plot than PWP, but I will read anything written by selecasharp, even "straight-up porn." If this doesn't bring a flush to your skin, I don't know what will. Whew!

[AO3 account] dreamlittleyo | Teen and Up | No warnings.
Summary: In which Sam and Dean share a quieter future.
I am always amazed by writers who can evoke so many feelings with so few words. This is a lovely vignette that represents a future I hope Dean and Sam can have.

What is and What Shall Always Be
stir_of_echoes | Not Rated (I'd say R)| No warnings.
Written for this prompt: Sam and Dean are watching tv late after a hunt one night on the motel couch. In the middle of the night one of them wakes up to realize that they've fallen asleep and curled up together. Also, boners.
A sexy story that for me epitomizes the sexual tension we imagine between the boys. Very well written, with a lovely ending.
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Monday: General Fiction

Measure My Life in Coffee Cups
kcscribbler | PG-13| Vague spoilers for entire series, and specifically Season 10 (more specifically Soul Survivor).
Summary: Ten chronological snapshots, measured by ten significant cups of coffee in Sam Winchester's life.
Reccer's notes: A really beautifully crafted story illustrating key moments in their history that illuminate their deep brotherly bond. With the bonus of some really hilarious lines.

Adventures in Deansitting
zelda_addict | PG for a little language | Author's warnings: "Um... Up to present but vague? Seriously, I’m not sure exactly where this would fall continuity-wise, but definitely at least Season 9 or 10 for references. I don’t think I give away anything devastating, though."
Summary: After an accident involving a witch and some transformation potions, Dean is in need of constant supervision (but what else is new), Sam has to get a little more in touch with his feminine side, and both brothers are in over their heads.
Reccer's notes: Who can resist baby!Dean fic? This is clever, funny, and brings something fresh to the transformation trope.