15 October 2014 @ 08:03 pm
To Be Where I Have Been
[AO3 account] deathbycoldopen | Explicit | age-regression, post-S9, suicidal thoughts
Dean wakes up the morning of his 26th birthday in an abandoned warehouse with no idea how he got there- or why it is that his estranged brother is there with him, and telling him that it’s the year 2015, not 2005. It’s not hard to figure out that the de-aging spell that hit Dean affected his memory as well. But things get a little more complicated when he finds that Sam is hiding things from him, like what exactly has happened in the years since Dean was 26, or who the man is who calls himself Dean’s best friend.
On the surface, this reads like a simple casefic. If you read carefully, though, there is so very much going on with Dean here, as he is literally forced to deal with how his 26 year old self doesn’t fit in 2015.

The Story
Author: archofimagine/[AO3 account] ArchOfImagine, Artist: deadpai | Explicit | AU, implied major character death
In school we are taught that every good story has a beginning, middle, and end. What they don’t teach us, is that every great story involves so much more than that.
This is not just any story. This is the story of the cafe owner with a green mohawk and the bakery owner next door that is struggling to stay in business. The story of their imperfect love, their beautiful daughters, and the way that life draws to a close.
"If I were to describe heaven, it would be spending another lifetime with you."
This story is thoroughly enjoyable as it follows these two from a rocky start to a peaceful finish. Mind the warning, and if you need to take a pass on the last chapter to avoid it, the fic still works. However, while the final chapter will leave you reaching for the Kleenex, it’s happy nonetheless.
11 October 2014 @ 01:19 am
Art for The Path of Fireflies
Artist: jayi/[AO3 account] Nonexistenz, Author: museaway | Teen (fic rated R) | Dean/Castiel, part of the deancasbigbang
After his humanity is restored, Dean wakes up in bed with Castiel, a wedding ring, and no memory of the past twelve years. The reality passes every test he knows, but something's off. Something's wrong — really wrong — and it might just be him.
The realism of this art is stunning, particularly the pictures of Dean and Cas holding hands. The “photos” Dean discovers are, in several cases, referenced from pictures that are likely familiar to the viewer from other contexts, which adds a layer of amusement to the dramatic irony of Dean’s confusion. Just really well thought-through and developed.

[tumblr.com profile] fassyhiddles | PG |
Demon Dean. Shirtless. That is all
The portrayal of Dean is smoking hot in itself, but the gif honest to goodness startled me.
08 October 2014 @ 08:24 pm
[AO3 account] intotheruins | Teen | tooth-rotting fluff
Dean wants to get close and he's not letting his pride or Sam's presence stop him.
If you’re in the mood for a bit of cuddly sweetness, stock up on the toothpaste & go read this.

Before You Go Away
[AO3 account] HigherMagic | Explicit | alpha/beta/omega, rough sex
Dean and Castiel are mated Alphas. Despite society's assumptions, they've managed to get that working pretty well - they've even managed to raise a child in between all the 'instincts' and pressures from their families. The only thing Castiel could possibly complain about is the fact that Dean goes away so often.
It’s not often you see an A/B/O fic with the main pairing as anything other than alpha/omega. This one does a great job looking at both Dean & Castiel through the alpha lens, and what that means to their relationship, both in and out of bed.

Eventually Seattle
[AO3 account] deathbycoldopen | Explicit | all-human AU
Long distance relationships can be hard. Especially when they aren't even really relationships.
Or, how Dean and Cas are idiots about the nature of their relationship, and it takes a happy accident to bring them together.
Dean’s right. The title sounds like a romcom, which fits because that’s what this is, a romantic comedy of errors that eventually cancel each other out.

The Path of Fireflies
Author: museaway, Artist: jayi | R | Sam/OFC side pairing, part of the deancasbigbang
After his humanity is restored, Dean wakes up in bed with Castiel, a wedding ring, and no memory of the past twelve years.
It’s heartbreaking to see Dean wake up in a world he’s clearly worked hard to build with no idea how he got there, not to mention Cas coping with his amnesia. Lots of gorgeous little details give this fic a rich texture that will have you right in this world with them, cheering them on to find their way through it all.
07 October 2014 @ 05:32 pm
Glittering Prizes and Endless Compromises
rockstarpeach | Adult | Warnings or other notes.
Jared's in love with Jensen. The only problem is, Jensen's a hooker and Jared can't really afford him. It's a good thing he's so darn cute, because despite Jared's meagre finances, they strike up a business relationship that was only ever an excuse to become more than that. They're head over heels for each other, so it should be their happily ever after, right? Turns out it's harder than Jared expected, having a hooker for a boyfriend. Jensen on the other hand, saw this coming.
Reccer's notes: Delightful, but slightly angsty story that skates the edge of being gritty, but ends firmly in the fantasy side of prostitution fic. Jared is too adorable for words and Jensen is a mature and self-aware hooker. The author makes you believe in the tribulations these two face and the love they share, and the sex is hot and intimate.

You'll Thank Me When Fort McComfy Is Finished
[AO3 account] it_felt_pure | Teen | Jared/Misha, warnings for Misha’s language
Jared can't resist giving Misha hell, even when he's sick.
Reccer's notes: These two are just hilarious together. That this is a sick day only makes it funnier.
07 October 2014 @ 02:54 pm
Steel Trap
[AO3 account] LiveInMyHead | Teen | Suicidal thoughts
Pre-Series. Dean is breaking apart inside, drowning in depression. Something evil decides to take advantage of his struggle to push him closer to the edge for their own purposes. It will take the two other Winchesters to pull him back, but will they notice in time? Dean 18/Sam 14.
Kleenex alert: this is the wake-up call John Winchester needed but clearly never got. Deals unflinchingly with the effects parentification has had on Dean with an evil creature that just loves that kind of thing.

Touch and Go (AO3 link.)
themegalosaurus/[AO3 account] themegalosaurus| PG-13/Teen | Post 9x19, h/c, possession
Tag to 9.19 (Alex Annie Alexis Ann) in which Dean realises why, exactly, Sam is so angry about what happened with Gadreel.
This fix-it fic confronts Dean with Sam’s bodily autonomy issues very effectively and ties them in neatly to Dean’s own S9 (and presumably at least the beginning of S10) arc.

Soul or Not
[AO3 account] gammadolphin| Rated G by author (Teen for language) |
Sam is still soulless, and things are tense between the Winchester brothers. But what will the man with no feelings do when his older brother falls ill and refuses to ask for the help that he so desperately needs?
Set between Clap Your Hands if You Believe, and Caged Heat.
This fic pokes at just what soulless!Sam’s limits are and how much he’ll do for his brother despite his lack of soul. Sam’s own reflections on those questions are pointed and thought-provoking.

Freya922 (on fanfiction.net) | Teen | reflections on various canon traumas
Dean's in deep trouble and Sam's ability to help is undermined by the tattered state of their relationship post-Gadreel. Sam takes desperate action: he talks to someone.
Beautifully balanced exploration of the broken dynamic between Sam and Dean, not only in S9 but in some of the key events in their lives leading up to it.

Just Like Our Life
[AO3 account] Tabasco66| Teen | S2x20
Dean didn't wake up when he thought he did. Now Sam is left to help put the pieces together as Dean grapples with the fact that the last several years (plus many more down below), were a lie that spanned a mere three days. Sam is left to wonder what really happened as Dean struggles to remember what's real and what's not. Plus Bobby.
Sort of a fix-it, but more angsty than anything, with a completely in-character ending that hits like a sucker-punch to the gut.

[tumblr.com profile] fidefortitude | Unrated by author (Teen) | Crossover with Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically Thor
Okay, yeah, it wasn’t his and he didn’t have any precedent to keep it, but he kept it nevertheless. His brain insisted it was a bad idea, given how protective Plutus had seemed of his goods being auctioned- but he was dead, and the hammer was surprisingly light, so Sam opted to keep it.

[tumblr.com profile] waterbird13 | Unrated by author (G) | implied parental neglect
Sam used to dream about getting stuck in the library.
A very insightful little glimpse into how/why Sam became the one who loves libraries.

The Boogeyman
caladrius75 | Unrated by author (Teen) | canon-level violence, psychological trauma
When Sam was 9-years-old, something stalked him nightly from the closet. His father put a gun into his hand and told him to face his fears and take action. Will Dean be able to save his little brother from the ghost of that first traumatic mission 14 years later? This is a coming of age story about a time that changed both brothers, and tackles unresolved issues both have with the father who drew them down this path. It's a journey that pans back and forth from the time Sam was nine through the events of Season 2 until just before the season finale.
Richly developed tale, following the canon tendency to parallel childhood events with current hunts. Digs right into Sam’s psyche, and to an extent Dean’s as well, and deals with some of his demons.

steeplechasers | PG | Warnings body horror.
Summary.Daddy says Dean is very sick Do not go into his room He is contagious. Contagious is a frightening word.
The use of the second person writing style really adds to the creepiness of this story.It really seeps in under your skin and you feel the creepy horror that Sam feels so vividly that you can understand why Dam takes a while to come around after.

A Weekend with the Boys
[tumblr.com profile] human-impala-with-sam-and-dean | G | Weechesters, reader-insert
“Imagine babysitting Sam and Dean when they were little”
This is an artfully done reader-insert fic with just enough clues to the boys’ real lives for the babysitter to misconstrue. Bonus: the boys get a fun opportunity to just be kids.

02 October 2014 @ 11:28 pm
All The Rocket Ships Are Climbing Through The Sky
[AO3 account] it_felt_pure | Explicit | Dean Winchester/Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover)
“Working up to something or trying to forget?”
Dean blinks, tilts his head to glance over at the man who’s settled onto the stool beside him. Broad. Dark hair. Blue eyes. Definitely a few miles on him, though he carries it pretty well.
“Nice coat,” he says, and gives him a little up-nod.
If anyone could get Dean to lower his inhibitions, it would have to be Jack. Delicious first-time/one night stand fic.

30 September 2014 @ 11:13 pm
Smells Like Roses
[AO3 account] Lovely_Phrase | Explicit | Warnings for suicidal thoughts/attempt
Dean's life is beautiful. He wants for nothing, has the pleasure of his family and friends, and is desperately, irrevocably in love with his husband. Everything is perfect, just as it should be.
Then he wakes up.
This fic takes you through a helluva valley of angst, but the payoff is worth it.

Incredibly Single & Ready to Mingle
[AO3 account] imogenbynight | Teen | All-human AU
Sam uses Facebook like the social media junkie he is. He's befriended literally every person he's ever had a conversation with since he got an account, which means that approximately—Dean checks—eight hours ago, he shared this horrible photo with something in the vicinity of nine hundred people. The caption below the picture reads “incredibly single & ready to mingle ;)” and roughly half of them have liked it.
Dean has never been so embarrassed in his life.
This is just absolutely hilarious from beginning to end.

Of Doomed Relationships And The Beauty Of Alternate Universes
[AO3 account] SicklyRaven | Mature |
The one where Dean ponders multiverses and I remind myself that technically, fanfiction is as real as canon. Just in a different way.
A really thoughtful fic. It’s hard to say whether to call it stream of consciousness or epistolary, as it is sort of both, and given all that Dean is considering, that really works.

This Bird You Cannot Change
[AO3 account] flannelcastiel | Explicit | alpha/beta/omega-verse, warning for sexual assault (not between main pairing characters & not graphically portrayed)
Raised in a household in which alpha superiority is indisputable, Castiel Novak has very little insight into the lives and struggles of omegas. Though he is far more sympathetic than his family, he is a beta who cares very little about the alpha/omega dynamic. His paradigm shifts radically during a school-sponsored ski trip, when he discovers he is not as excluded from that dynamic as he previously thought.
To complicate things, Castiel stumbles upon his true nature while rooming with an alpha. But, Dean Winchester is not a typical alpha—that is discernible by his highly intoxicating scent alone.
If you enjoy fics that look at the societal implications of an A/B/O world, then you definitely don’t want to miss this.