30 June 2015 @ 06:01 am
Within You
[AO3 account] etoile_etiolee | NC-17 | Sexuals situations, mpreg, graphic birth.
Summary: For as long as he can remember, Jensen had wanted kids. Being raised in foster homes, he's always felt some sort of emptiness inside of him, that only a child of his own could fill. Now he's happily married to Jared and soon enough, he finds himself pregnant. It's a dream come true, until an aneurism rupture puts him into a coma. Jared needs to face the fact that he might be raising their child alone after all, as the months go by and Jensen's due date comes irremediably closer.
Reccer's notes: J2 AU written in first person, which works really well for this story. It is sweet and funny, intense and emotional, and it felt very true.
29 June 2015 @ 05:58 am
Playing House
dimeloria | NC17| Sam/Dean
Summary. To Sam, this is the kinkiest thing they have ever done. Hands down.
This is a beautiful, emotional story that plays out in real time, as Sam tries to fulfill Dean’s desire for something that would be kinky only to the Winchester’s.

New Toy
selecasharp | NC-17 | Straight-up porn, nipple play
Summary: Sam and Dean are still learning each other.
I'm more interested in plot than PWP, but I will read anything written by selecasharp, even "straight-up porn." If this doesn't bring a flush to your skin, I don't know what will. Whew!

[AO3 account] dreamlittleyo | Teen and Up | No warnings.
Summary: In which Sam and Dean share a quieter future.
I am always amazed by writers who can evoke so many feelings with so few words. This is a lovely vignette that represents a future I hope Dean and Sam can have.

What is and What Shall Always Be
stir_of_echoes | Not Rated (I'd say R)| No warnings.
Written for this prompt: Sam and Dean are watching tv late after a hunt one night on the motel couch. In the middle of the night one of them wakes up to realize that they've fallen asleep and curled up together. Also, boners.
A sexy story that for me epitomizes the sexual tension we imagine between the boys. Very well written, with a lovely ending.
29 June 2015 @ 05:50 am
Measure My Life in Coffee Cups
kcscribbler | PG-13| Vague spoilers for entire series, and specifically Season 10 (more specifically Soul Survivor).
Summary: Ten chronological snapshots, measured by ten significant cups of coffee in Sam Winchester's life.
Reccer's notes: A really beautifully crafted story illustrating key moments in their history that illuminate their deep brotherly bond. With the bonus of some really hilarious lines.

Adventures in Deansitting
zelda_addict | PG for a little language | Author's warnings: "Um... Up to present but vague? Seriously, I’m not sure exactly where this would fall continuity-wise, but definitely at least Season 9 or 10 for references. I don’t think I give away anything devastating, though."
Summary: After an accident involving a witch and some transformation potions, Dean is in need of constant supervision (but what else is new), Sam has to get a little more in touch with his feminine side, and both brothers are in over their heads.
Reccer's notes: Who can resist baby!Dean fic? This is clever, funny, and brings something fresh to the transformation trope.
27 June 2015 @ 02:18 am
riverofwind | G |
J2 giraffes holding a rainbow flag.
A sweet way to commemorate this historic day. Love won.
13 June 2015 @ 12:37 am
becc_j | G | No warnings.
Full painting of Jared as a Viking.
The palette really defines the mood of this painting so well, and the light and shadow are subtle enough not to be distracting, but really add depth. Also... Jared in a man-bun.

Take These Off
badbastion | R | half-dressed, clothed erection, wincest cuddling, sexy times in the back of the Impala, pre-Stanford; Sam is about 18.
It's hot and humid, and Sam's this close to being naked. Dean needs him to take the final step.Digital drawing.
The more I look at this pic, the more details I see. Very nicely captures an expectant snapshot of the scene.

J2 2048
smalltroven | PG? For knee fondling? | Warning- you will become an addict.
Like the game 2048, only instead of combining number tiles, you combine J2 gifs.
I've never recc'd anything like this before. I've never SEEN anything like this before. I am completely addicted to puzzle games like 2048, and this just took my addiction and amplified it by j2-thousand times. Their dumb-ass faces in the second tile are cracking me up to no end.

Art for Soundproof Box
ar_richardson | Art= PG for slight gore, fic = NC17 | Slight gore (blood)
Mulitmedia illustration.
This is a new artist for me, and I love how the artist pulled together different techniques for the finished piece. Will definitely be following ar_richardson from now on.
09 June 2015 @ 06:38 pm
[well, it's still Tuesday in ~my timezone. ;) ]

Real Slow
deirdre_c | NC-17 | No warnings.
Summary: The stripteasing on stage at conventions is a joke, until Jensen gets drunk and sends a private video to Jared. Then it’s not so funny anymore.
Reccer's notes: This an interesting mix of RPF and AU, which will be acceptable, I think, to those readers who aren't fond of RPF. Though how anyone could resist this story is beyond me. The author manages to deliver humor, angst, schmoop, and really hot sex -- all under 11K words. An amazing story and one that I know I'll be reading again.
30 May 2015 @ 12:25 am
Climbing Mountains Lying Down
badbastion | PG | clothed men kissing.
urtain!art: Castiel loves his practical, comfortable pajamas almost as much as he loves Sam. Small Sam/Cas ficlet also.
Beautiful use of light and shadow conveys a peaceful moment.

Tracking Aeroplanes
graphicinmotion (AKA Loki or secretlytodream) | PG for Show level violence | Spoilers through 10.23
Summary from author's notes: "So, at first I just wanted to make a general season finale video but somewhere along the way it turned into some kind of promo video for Jared's "Always keep fighting" campaign haha
Seriously though, together they're stronger than apart, no man is an island, so whatever you're going through that seems too hard or impossible to bear, just share it with somebody and ask for help."
Watching this made me realize why season 10 felt so much like earlier seasons that we all know and love; a return to what is at the core of the show.

Shut up Dean, It's Good for You
cassiopeia7 | G |
Long-suffering Sam presenting rabbit-friendly takeout to a skeptical bunny!Dean.
I have to admit, I'm partial to all versions of bunny!Dean, but to me, it's Sam's face that really makes this piece. His body looks so relaxed... it tickles me that Dean had to be be a bunny for Sam to be able to experience that.

Sleepy Sammy
sammycolt24 | PG | Partial sleeping nudity.
Dean thinks Sam is just so cute when he's sleeping, but Sam is too out of it to believe him..
The texture in this drawing gives it a very palpable feel. You could almost reach in and run your fingers through Sam's hair, or feel the fever burning off his skin.

Ain't no Saint
becc_j | G | Spoiler for 10.23.
Black and white digital painting, Dean with prop from 10.23.
Perfectly captures the spirit of Dean in 10.23.

Laugh, I Nearly Died
alethiometry | G |
Digital manipulationof photos, shattered Sam and Jess.
Beautiful portraits of Sam and Jess, and the turorial that accompanies the entry really shows how much work and attention to detail went into creating them.

Never Too Heavy
yuriookino | G |
In About a Boy Sam is de-aged as well, Dean finds himself in a even more insane situation as his younger self tries to keep Sam safe when he's so little.
Deans. Face.