09 May 2015 @ 01:30 am
Sputnik Sweetheart
alethiometry | G |
Photomanip of young Sam with text.
A wistful and lonely look at young Sam that makes my heart ache for him

Tough Mudder
[tumblr.com profile] Gan Eden
| PG |
Flawless photomanip of J2 having fun at the Tough Mudder.
The joy that the real pics have brought fandom over the past week? Totally captured in this piece, just with a little extra J2-ness thrown in there for extra joy.

Happy Together
ash48 | G|
Summary (from the vidder, because she said it so well!) Every now and then a song comes along that just screams J2. When I saw this song mentioned in reference to the Js I just knew I had to make a vid to it. But I wanted to do something a little different than just a J2 vid so thought about combining Sam and Dean with Jared and Jensen. I wanted to show how their off screen chemistry and camaraderie feeds into the on screen chemistry between Sam and Dean. So the idea of "happy together" is the matching of Jared and Jensen to Sam and Dean. And it's not only great seeing the Js happy in each others company, but also seeing those glimpse of when the brothers are happy being together. Even though their relationship is fraught with drama (and all the angst!), I believe that there is a sense of happiness and peace when they are truly working well and just being together.
What the vidder has done here with the combination of convention clips and Supernatural clips is so fun. The parallels she noticed and included will make you smile and shake your head at the boys at the same time.

Maybe I Can Be Saved
tripperfunster | G |
Stained glass window depicting a scene in which Sam gets the quest he always hoped for.
I love pieces that use different media, so this stained glass window was a beautiful surprise. You can see by looking at it, and by scrolling through the artist's journal that this was a labor of love that spanned several months. It really pays off, as it's exquisitely executed. The earnest look on Sam's face just slays me.
28 April 2015 @ 07:40 am
Keeping Company
tabaqui | Adult | No warnings
Jared is a photographer of the rich, wanna-be-famous, and privileged of New York. Jensen seems to date a lot of them. A not-what-you-were-expecting kinda escort fic.
Reccer's notes: A great read! Clever, hot, and laugh-out-loud funny.

Stranded in Motion
tebtosca | NC-17 | Permanent injury (amputation), PTSD, panic attacks, flashbacks to war
After a roadside bombing leaves his life in tatters, Private Jared Padalecki finds hope for a new future in a Texas hospital.
Reccer's notes: Gorgeous art, gorgeous story. Sweet and lovely and heart-wrenching.
30 March 2015 @ 07:42 am
Because We're All Dead In Here
vail_kagami | PG-13 | Vague spoilers for 10x01
After her death, Sarah Blake finds herself drifting. She's not alone in that.
Reccer's notes: A hauntingly sad and beautifully written look at what might have been.

Frater Lupinus
[AO3 account] cleflink | Teen and Up | No Archive Warnings Apply.
Sam's older brother is, and always has been, a wolf. It doesn't make much sense to Sam, but it's still an undeniable fact of life. Or, at least it is until Dean gets caught in the wrong spell and Sam ends up with a human-shaped brother who's surprisingly unhappy with the situation.
Sam's always known that Dean would take a secret to the grave if he thought it was in Sam's best interests. He wasn't expecting a secret like this.
Reccer's notes: Great brother-focused story, with classic Winchester family dynamics and an ending that is satisfying but also leaves you wanting more.

"Not I," said the Cat
[AO3 account] bellatemple | G | No Warnings
It blew in on a cool breeze and a flutter of dead leaves. They never stood a chance.
Reccer's notes: Dean finds a kitten. Of course, he is allergic. A sweet, lovely, funny slice of Winchester life.
23 March 2015 @ 01:42 am
Dean Winchester is Dead, Long Live Dean Winchester
dimeliora | Unrated | Warnings or other notes.
Dean wakes up to wage a war he's not equipped to fight.Set, technically, about five minutes before the end of the season nine finale. No spoilers for season ten.
Dean’s journey is amazing and cathartic, at least for us!

you are my little kite
[AO3 account] tekuates | General Audiences | No Archive Warnings Apply/Pre-Canon/Pining.
He stares at himself in the mirror. Dean used to be able to see himself, but now he just sees pieces; his crooked nose, his eyes, his mouth, twisted up. He can’t make the parts resolve into the whole. Not anymore.
Lovely subtle touches make this story, set just pre-series, throb with Dean’s own loss.

The New York Story
[AO3 account] frozen_delight | Mature | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
To Sam it was always The New York Story.
Angsty goodness with great backstory (both about John and about the history of Sam/Dean) and a continuation of Dean’s pigheaded insistence on self-sacrifice.

Out of the Woods[AO3 account] selecasharp | Mature | No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: After Flint, the boys decide to go on one of their regular hunts in rural Ohio. But there's something else out there in the woods, stalking Dean, and for Sam, saving him means facing down the complicated mess of emotions sitting between them.
Very enjoyable monsters (well, for the reader anyway) and lovely longing and mutual confessions.
19 March 2015 @ 09:25 pm
Divine Justice (sucks)
[AO3 account] consultingcas| Teen | AU, cupid!Cas, reaper!Dean
The archangels don't take kindly to those who break Heaven's laws. Dean and Castiel both get put on heavenly community service to pay for their "crimes". And they learn their lesson alright, just not the one Heaven had planned on teaching them.
It’s like an all-human AU and an all-angel AU all rolled up in one. Great characterizations and very cool twists.

Unfurl, Like A Wing In A Thermal
[AO3 account] anactoria| Teen | casefic with zombies
After a run-in with a rogue Woman of Letters, Castiel finds himself with visible wings. Being injured in the aftermath of the encounter and stuck on lockdown in the bunker is bad enough, but between attacking zombies, cultlike followers, and his tentative relationship with Dean, he soon finds that his injuries are the least of his worries.
This has the feel of a regular case (with zombies) and then quickly takes any expectations the reader might have and turns them on their heads.
12 March 2015 @ 10:25 pm
You Always Take It Further
[AO3 account] why_not_sabriel | G | Sam/Gabriel, fluffy pre-slash
Gabriel just wants to give Sam nice things. Dad knows the kid deserves it.
Just a very sweet fic of Gabe wanting to do something nice for Sam and taking things too far, as usual\.

10 March 2015 @ 08:04 am
29 Days
ashtraythief | NC-17 | Jared/Jensen | Warnings: vampires, werewolves, graphic depiction of violence, minor character death, blood drinking, derogatory language towards vampires and werewolves, dubious consent of the fuck-or-die nature, knotting.

Summary: Twenty-Nine days stuck in ninety square feet would have been bad enough in itself, but that was before Jensen realized he had to share the cell with a werewolf. Despite being natural enemies, he and Jared have to find a way to work together to escape a group of hunters.

Reccer's notes: Who knew someone could write a story about a vampire and a werewolf and make it simultaneously suspenseful, sexy, hilarous, intense, violent, and sweet? A truely great piece of work.